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Email Communication

Edit Personal Info on eServices

Members of Viking Squadron are expected to regularly check their email for messages from CAP members.  In order that we can contact you if need be, make sure the email in eServices is your own personal email address that you check regularly.  Civil Air Patrol doesn't send emails other than the occasional membership reminder or monthly newsletter, and you this is how your fellow members at Viking will be able to find your contact information.  Make sure you've created an eServices account on, then log in using your CAPID and password.

Now that you’re logged in, click your name in the top right corner, and click Contacts in the drop down menu.

That will bring you to the following page, where you can add and edit contacts:

Note that you can add information for yourself and your parents.  Please be sure to use an email address that’s current for yourself, as this is the email you will be contacted at individually.  Please also add an email for a parent so that we are able to contact them if needed.  

Adding your email here will not sign you up for any email address, and your email will not be shared with anyone other than members and staff of your local CAP unit.

Also note that only one personal and one parent email can be added simultaneously.  This is a limitation of the national site, and can’t be fixed by your local squadron.  However, most mass emails aren’t sent through this system, so just make sure that you put the most important addresses here for individual contact.

Sign Up for Email Communication

Go to the MN CAP Mailing List sign up page, and check the box labeled Viking Squadron.  That is our squadron announcement list, and generally two to three emails per week are sent, all of relative importance.  It’s a good idea to also check the Announcements box, as this is the Minnesota Wing announcement list.  However, more emails go through that list (1-4 per day on average), so if you’re concerned about clutter you can skip this one.

Once you enter your email address and click submit, a confirmation email along the following lines will be sent to you.  Either click the link in the bottom of the webpage, or reply to the email (keeping the subject line intact).   That will confirm your subscription to the email service.  You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time.


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