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Scholarships at Viking Squadron

Civil Air Patrol has many amazing scholarships. If you dream of flight, Civil Air Patrol is the undisputed way to get there! But Viking Squadron leads the way with its own unique aviation scholarship and a squadron cost cap.  Here are some scholarships that are available to you as a cadet at Viking.

Youth Aviation Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to members of Viking Composite Squadron that are active participants and model cadets ages 15-20.  For up to $4,000 in scholarship money, contact your chain of command to find out how to apply!  This scholarship can be used toward pursuing a Private Pilot's Certificate, and is valid for half off plane rental and aviation fuel, up to the allotted scholarship amount.  It can be combined with any other scholarship.

Family Membership Cost Cap

At Viking Squadron, we love to see entire families join, but we realize that paying for more than a few students can be financially challenging.  The yearly dues for each cadet member are $100, and per senior member is $200.  However, we have a family cap of $300, so anyone past that mark can join for free, with all the same benefits!  Additional help is provided on a need-driven basis, so contact our financial officer with any questions.

National Academic Scholarships

National Civil Air Patrol offers a variety of academic scholarships for cadets who are advanced in the program and are accepted to (or applying to) colleges.  See more information here.

National Flight Scholarships

Civil Air Patrol offers flight scholarships to help cadets achieve aviation training goals.  These scholarships may be used for varying purposes, ranging from ground school to private flight training to pilot certifications!  Read more, and find information on how to apply here.

National Youth Aviation Scholarships

Both merit and need-based scholarships are available to help CAP cadets get off the ground, even at younger ages.  Find out information about the Youth Aviation Initiative here.

Cadet Encampment Assistance Program

Thanks to Air Force support, CAP has special funding available to cover encampment fees and uniforms with an emphasis on serving economically disadvantaged cadets through the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP).  An inability to afford encampment should not hold back cadets who want to participate in encampment.  To learn more, visit the national website.

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