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Drill Resources

These are drill resources for learning, teaching, performing, and testing drill. This list includes both national and Viking specific resources.

Condensed Drill Manual for Flight Drill

The Condensed Drill Manual for Flight Drill is a summarized version of the CAP Drill Manual (CAPP 60-33) that, while including all commands, takes up much less space.  It has references to both the CAP drill manual and the Air Force drill manual for easy checking. 

Personal Drill Eval

This drill evaluation is a complete evaluation of every command that can be called in flight drill.  Since this is a higher level of detail than any CAP drill test goes into, this document is perfect for teaching advanced drill.  In addition, it is structured so that it can be called in sequence, so cadets may use this to time themselves.

CAP Pocket Drill Guide

Civil Air Patrol's Pocket Drill Guide is shipped to new cadets in spiral bound format.  It provides a visual representation of many of the most common drill movements in a compact manner, with a short description as well.

CAP Drill Tests (CAPP 60-34)

Most promotions up to the rank of Cadet Second Lieutenant require a drill test.  With the exception of the promotion to Staff Sergeant, all those drill tests are available here!  A word of warning though: a few of the later drill tests have minor mistakes in the test itself.  This pamphlet, despite being the authority on testing, is not the authority on drill.  For that, see the Drill Manual itself.

CAP Drill Manual (CAPP 60-33)

The official reference on Civil Air Patrol drill:  the drill manual!  All seven chapters of technical information, to inform any Drill and Ceremonies questions you might have.

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