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New Member Journey

Everyone explores Civil Air Patrol before deciding to join.   All prospective cadet members must attend a minimum of three (3) meetings before joining Viking Squadron.  We want you understand more about the organization so you can make an informed decision about joining.

On your first visit, let us know that you're new, and we'll walk you through some information about CAP and show you around.  Once you've come to three meetings, you can join Civil Air Patrol, and start your journey with Viking!

New Cadet Path

Step 1: New Member Board

Viking's New Member board is an information session for you and for us.  You'll talk with our Deputy Commander for Cadets and we'll go over a few expectations for Viking cadets.  Think in advance about whether you're willing to commit to weekly meetings and promotions.  This is our chance to talk together and make sure that Viking Squadron is a good fit for you.

Ideally, bring a form of government issued ID to the board so it can be reviewed by senior staff.  Acceptable forms of ID include: birth certificate, Social Security Card, driver’s license, driver’s permit, passport.  We do not need to keep your ID; just review it.

Step 2: Complete the Online Member Application

Complete the online membership application with your parents. This includes the $33 annual dues payment to CAP National Headquarters.  Your application will stay in a Pending status until your ID has been reviewed, but you'll get a CAPID upon completion of the application.  Remember this number, because this is your ID for the rest of your CAP career!

Step 3: Bring form of government issued ID and a check for squadron dues.

If your ID hasn’t been reviewed yet, please bring it in to the next meeting.  Viking Squadron also has an annual due of $100 per cadet (family maximum $300).  Bring a check made out to Viking Composite Squadron, with a pro-rated amount until the end of our fiscal year -- don't worry, we'll let you know how much that'll come out to.

Once your ID has been reviewed, the squadron commander will approve your application and you'll be welcomed into Viking Squadron!

Congratulations! You are now a Civil Air Patrol Cadet!  Now what?

Read on, but also use the Help For New Cadets from CAP National Headquarters.
Please be sure to watch the short video intro on Promotions and eServices.

Step 4: Request Uniform Items.

Anoka will issue the ABU blouse and pants if we have your size in stock. If we don’t have your size, we will request from the Minnesota Wing. If the Wing doesn’t have your size, you are responsible for those items. Ultimately, all uniform items are the responsibility of the member.

Ask for the Supply Officer at a weekly meeting or email your flight staff, and ask to schedule an appointment to find uniform items in our supply!

Step 5: Order your Uniform Items from Vanguard.  

Any items that the squadron doesn't have in supply will be your responsibility to order.  Feel free to ask if a squadron supply order will be placed soon though, as you're welcome to join the order and save on shipping.  The Civil Air Patrol uniform item supplier is Vanguard.  Before your first promotion, you'll need a complete ABU -- our camouflage uniform for general wear.  This uniform includes:

Many of these items can often be found at the squadron supply, but the belt, name tapes, and boots usually must be purchased individually.  Please contact the squadron if finances are an issue here.

Step 6: Login to eServices to start your training

eServices is located at  You’ll need to set up your account using your CAPID that you got above.  See our Getting Started with eServices Guide for a step-by-step walkthrough.

Step 7: Complete OPSEC

Once you login for the first time, you’ll be prompted to complete Operational Security, or OPSEC, training. Because we are part of the Air Force organization, you must complete this before moving forward.

Step 8: Access Cadet Online Testing

In eServices, navigate to Menu > Cadet Programs > Cadet Online Testing.  Cadets have Leadership and Aerospace Education exams for most promotions that are taken online.  Most exams are 25 multiple choice questions and have a 30 minute time limit.

For Achievement 1, you’ll only have to complete Leadership Exam 1.  It covers Chapter 1 of the Learn to Lead Vol 1.  This textbook will be shipped to you upon joining, but it can also be found on

All online exams (except milestones) are open-note, open-book. Take notes and be prepared by reading and understanding the objectives for each chapter.

Step 9: Review Promotion Requirements

See the Cadet Super Chart or review Stripes to Diamonds on  Ask your flight staff to help you understand what you need to earn cadet promotions.

Step 10: Expand your horizons

Outside cadet promotions, there are other areas to learn and grow in.  We encourage all cadets to complete General Emergency Services (GES) and Aircraft Ground Handling Training as soon as possible  These pieces are accessible in eServices under Menu > Online Learning > Learning Management System.

Congratulations!  You’re off to a great start!

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