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Viking Squadron is known for having an outstanding cadet program and raising up some of the best cadet leaders in Minnesota Wing.  As a cadet in Viking Squadron, you have the opportunity to learn followership, leadership, discipline, survival skills, and even learn to fly.  Through Viking Squadron, you have unique opportunities ranging from scholarships to flight simulation to personal mentorship!  But you can only get out what you put in.  Talk to your flight staff today to find new ways to pursue your dreams in Viking squadron.

Color Guard

Viking Squadron's Color Guard has won the Minnesota competition multiple times over the years, and consists of some of the best cadets at Viking!  Whether you're an NCO or an Officer, you can contact your flight staff to find out more about being on the color guard.  Viking's Color Guard routinely presents the colors for events around the Twin Cities.


Besides national Civil Air Patrol scholarships, Viking Squadron has an Aerospace Scholarship program for cadets in good standing!  Get scholarships worth up to $4,000 toward your private pilot's license -- on top of CAP's already discounted airplane rental rates!  And best of all, the flight instructors at Viking squadron are very experienced, seasoned pilots.  They're teaching Viking cadets because they love to fly!

Emergency Services

Did you know that over 90% of Search and Rescue in the United States is done by Civil Air Patrol?  Cadet members can train to become part of a ground team, learning practical survival tactics, and putting together a "24-hour pack" with everything you need to survive in the wild for an entire day.  What's more, ES is fun!  Whether you're simulating a mission or competing against your fellow members, you can always count on an engaging experience on ES night.


Each year, Viking middle and high schooled cadets participate in a nationwide competition to secure their computer system the fastest and best!  Whether you're interested in computer security or just want to chat with some nerds over pizza and a can of Mountain Dew, CyberPatriot has you covered.  At Viking, we have multiple experts in the computer science and engineering fields, including professionals from the industry that can share real-world experience.


Viking squadron is known for raising professional leaders.  In Civil Air Patrol, you have the opportunity to do more than just learn classroom leadership.  Here you can put it into practice as well!  Viking's senior member corps consists of career military veterans, business executives, managers, and parents.  Each cadet has the opportunity to be individually mentored through their journey, and the opportunity to practice leadership with their fellow cadets.  Staff applications open twice a year!  Next time it could be you!


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